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High Security Registration Plates
REAL MAZON INDIA LIMITED (formerly REAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED) is a Limited Company registered under Companies Act 1956 comprising of two partners namely:

M/s. Mazon BV of Netherland
M/s. CBM Industries Ltd of Delhi


Vehicle Category Front Plate Rear Plate Third License Plate
Moter Cycle 285 x 45 mm 200 x 100 mm Not Applicable
Scooter 200 x 100 mm 200 x 100 mm Not Applicable
Three Wheeler 200 x 100 mm 200 x 100 mm Applicable
Light Motor Vehicle 500 x 120 mm 500 x 120 mm Applicable
Heavy Motor Vehicle 500 x 120 mm 340 x 200 mm Applicable

Guidelines as per Rule 50 of CMVR 1989 are

"(A) in the case of transport vehicles in black colour on yellow background
(B) in other cases, in black colour on white background"

HSRP Features

These are the following Features of HSRP


Operational State

Implemented State


Customer Can Apply Online HSRP for

Refund Policy

The HSRP Fees will be non-refundable as Order's are booked on only after Authorization from Registration Authority.

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